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Why is branding so important in eCommerce today

Oct. 28, 2010

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In order to be really successful in the field of eCommerce today, new and innovative methods of marketing techniques need to be tested and analyzed months in advance until we can clearly establish that those techniques are really working, and what can consistently be done to further improve them going forward.

The eCommerce segment today continues to evolve at a neck-breaking pace, and only those that can rapidly adapt will make it a success.

In the last few years, many eCommerce websites that cost hundreds of thousands and in some cases millions of dollars to develop have gone awry. Overall success in efficiently marketing an eCommerce website today lies in the complex deployment of a unique cybernaming strategy to ensure that a truly exclusive ownership of a domain name will remain just that: exclusive.

Achieving a unique Web presence today has now become a very complex process, and even in 2010, it still remains one of the most valuable digital assets, provided that it is done correctly and that the results can be closely and readily monitored day by day.

Such a unique cyber presence can only be founded on visibility, knowledge of the industry, overall trust and undisputed ownership of the digital asset. Other than the eCommerce site itself, one of the most important and critical digital asset is the domain name and if it is perceived as being unique.

Today, corporate branding is everything, and has created a whole new industry of its own. Ask anybody on Madison Street if corporate branding is important and they will all tell you that it can literally make or break any company, depending if it's done correctly or not.

Even today, there are still some unique domain names that can be registered that will offer the eCommerce site unique corporate branding features and that will be immediately recognized and distinguished from the cyber crowd.

Today, large Internet companies and prominent eTailers can display their brand identities, but some still cannot prove with a reasonalbel degree of confidence their direct ownership of a specific name identity.

Globally recognized and older corporate names such as IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Kodak, Johnson & Johnson, Ford and Pepsi aren't in question here.

Whether in cyberspace, on billboards, displayed on the small screen of a smartphone, on a company building or simply in print, the corporate branding and the logos of those companies all offer the power of a unique identity.

And there's absolutely no question about their exclusive ownership claim to their identity in cyberspace.

How is your corporate identity positioned, and what message or personality does it truly communicate through its linguistics? Don't underestimate this. Without linguistics, it ends up at the bottom of search engine results pages, and your brand simply won't propagate, no matter how much money is spent on advertising, both in cyberspace as well as off-line.

Cyberbranding is a global process. Market positioning is more critical today than quantifiable online sales. You may not realize this, but today's global image repositioning on the Web is causing major shifts and even creating a certain vacuum between some countries.

What is really needed today and what will clearly distinguish your eCommerce site from all the others is an easy to remember unique domain name.

Source: GDCCB.

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