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Nine helpful eCommerce marketing tips

March 21, 2007

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Today's eCommerce business segment is getting more and more competitive every day, and Internet marketers and online retailers need to improvise a bit more than a few years ago if they want their online storefront or eCommerce website to perform well and constantly pull in new revenue.

Here is a short compilation of some valid eCommerce marketing tips that can go a long way in helping you get more targeted traffic to your eTailer site and increase site conversions as well. If done correctly, you should be well on your way to success with these tips.

  • 1) Ask visitors to bookmark your Web site. This is a quick and low-cost strategy. Overall, site visitors who've bookmarked your site can find it a lot easier and are more likely to visit it repeatedly.

  • 2) One of best ways to get repeat visitors to an eCommerce site is to make regular updates. If you upload fresh and relevant content all the time, and if you keep the site current, it will give them more reasons to visit more often. The old adage of "build it and they will come" works in these cases.

  • 3) You may want to acquire banners or exchange similar banners or links with other complementary sites that are similar to your's, without being in direct competition with your site.

  • 4) Boost your PageRank and site visibility by buying links that will point to your Web site. It's a well-known fact that sites that have a Google PR 5 ranking or more will do better than other sites that are less than PR (PageRank) 4.

  • 5) Have you ever thought of a blog? A blog (or Web Log) offers you the opportunity to provide your visitors with newer and more personal content. Let your visitors know what's going on with your online store. Some blogging platforms can be more flexible than others, and can offer more features that are user-friendly.

  • 6) Write a newsletter or make available a relevant mailing list for your existing customers as well as new prospects that come to your site. Visitors who sign up to receive eMails from you are already interested in what you have to offer. It's relatively easy to further entice them to come back and become customers with something valuable you send them regularly.

  • 7) Also, press releases are a great way to achieve low-cost exposure on your Web site and build more links for search engine optimization reasons and again, to increase your traffic. Some online retailers have also had some very good results with the use of advertorials sent to qualified or interested prospects. An advertorial or infomercial is an advertisement designed to simulate editorial content, while at the same time offering valid information to your visitors.

  • 8) Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising is also a great way to complement and further boost qualified traffic to any eCommerce Web site. Google, MSN and Yahoo offers such PPC ads. When you conduct a search using either of these search engines, take notice of the advertisements that come up to the right of the results pages. (The ones on the left are what is called the organic search results). PPC ads are usually geared towards the search query you entered. You can pay to have your link come up as an advertisement whenever someone searches for specific keywords that are relevant to your products or services.

  • 9) Submit your site to some good pay-for-inclusion search directories, whether they are specialized or not. One such good directory is Global Business Listing (GBL). For $99 a year, you can have up to three links pointing to your eCommerce website, complete with a description of your products, along with your contact information. GBL has been online since Jan. 2003 and continues to help hundreds of online businesses increase their traffic, while also helping them to convert traffic to sales. Here is an example of what a listing looks like. Contrary to DMOZ and other similar directories, a listing in GBL can usually be done in 24 hours or less.

    Online marketing for an eCommerce storefront isn't complicated, nor does it need to cost thousands of dollars to implement. All it takes is careful planning, a little bit of money (usually less than $200 in some cases) and some work on your part. The above nine tips can help you implement this easily and rapidly, while preventing you to go above budget. Like in any other business, today, you have to be prepared to invest some money to make money!

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    Source: IT Direction

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