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Year's biggest eCommerce shopping day coming

November 16, 2006

eCommerce research firm Coremetrics just delivered new data that dispell certain marketing myths that Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving) would be/is the largest eCommerce shopping day of the holiday season.

Coremetrics advises retailers that the highest traffic day and the biggest day in sales will actually come one week after Cyber Monday, around December 4.

What's more, Coremetrics even predicts that online sales on that date will be 19 percent higher than Cyber Monday, and that this year, overall holiday retail sales will increase 16 percent over 2005's holiday season.

After eDay (the week of Dec. 4) Coremetrics predicts the next four largest days for eCommerce retail sales will be the Monday one week after eDay, the Wednesday after eDay, the Tuesday after eDay and the Tuesday one week after eDay.

As a comparison, the Marketing Experiments Journal compiled the top 10 online holiday shopping days for the years 2002 through 2004. None of this may matter quite so much, because according to, last-minute holiday shopping may be becoming a thing of the past.

In a survey of 2,405 U.S. online shoppers, nearly 44 percent said it's never too early to start shopping, and only 6 percent of them said they resort to "11th-hour insanity" to complete their holiday shopping.

More than half of the respondents plan to buy gifts for three to 10 people, and about 40 percent have more than 10 people on their holiday lists. Almost 50 percent said they would spend more than $35 per gift, and 20 percent said they would plunk down over $75 per gift.

"Ninety percent of our survey respondents were women, and as a busy working mom myself, I appreciate the convenience and ease of shopping online," said Cori Tuck of "When you're responsible for buying gifts for at least a dozen or so people anything you can do ahead of time or at night while the kids are asleep gives you cheer."

In addition, one of every five respondents said they await the holiday shopping season with glee. Though the opposite results were not published, it can be presumed that four out of five shoppers look on the coming season with some degree of dread.

Source: eMarketer

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