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Small business owners and Mother's Day

May 3, 2006

Overall, about 65.9 percent of American small business owners are expecting strong sales on Mother's Day this year, according to Constant Contact's Mother's Day Outlook Study for 2006.

As it relates to anticipated holiday sales by top industries, the hospitality segment led with 86.8 percent of people surveyed said they expected strong sales on Mother's Day, followed by Consumer Services at 69.2 percent and Retail at 66.9 percent.

In all, 74.7 percent of small business owners are planning special promotions around that special day. What's more, because the overall majority of site owners expect more eCommerce shopping by their customers this year, many small businesses are using Internet marketing in an effort to gain a larger percentage of Mother's Day sales.

According to the study, online marketing and e-mail advertising are more popular with small businesses than traditional sales tactics. When asked to disclose various methods used to promote Mother's Day offerings, here's what participants answered:

  • Email marketing prevailed at 81 percent

  • Online marketing at 42 percent

  • Flyers at 25 percent

  • Direct mail represented 23 percent

  • Print, broadcasting and radio advertising was pagged at 21 percent
  • According to the study, Mother's Day consumer behavior trends show that:

  • 54 percent of small business owners expect people to spend $25 to $75 on gifts

  • 30 percent predict that the average consumer will spend over $75

  • Husbands and daughters comprise 72 percent of those making the purchases

  • Mothers at 20 percent

  • Sons at 8 percent
  • Source: Mediapost

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