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eBay adds Reviews and Guides to eBay Marketplaces

November 7, 2005

Today, eBay introduced product reviews and buying guides to help shoppers make more informed decisions. eBay Reviews & Guides ( will enable member-generated product reviews and ratings as well as buying guides covering topics from purchasing a video camera to planning a wedding as a resource for buyers.

With about 55 million items across more than 50,000 categories on eBay at any given time, Reviews & Guides will offer online shoppers a valuable decision-making tool. Tapping the combined expertise and opinions of eBay's community of 157 million users worldwide, Reviews & Guides over time is expected to become a powerful knowledge base covering a huge selection of products that is freely accessible to the public.

"eBay's passionate, engaged community of millions of people is what sets our marketplace apart from ordinary e-commerce destinations," said Matt Ackley, eBay senior director of marketing. "By allowing eBay buyers and sellers to share their experiences and views with one another, we're tapping into a huge bank of expertise that can make buying all kinds of products much easier for the entire eBay community. And Reviews & Guides recognizes the spirit of sharing between our members that's been a defining trait of the eBay community since its earliest days."

Reviews can be created for specific products (e.g., a certain model of computer monitor) but not individual sellers' eBay listings.

Guides can be created for practically any topic, from buying a mountain bike to planning a family reunion. Currently, Reviews & Guides is in beta test on eBay and includes hundreds of reviews and guides created by eBay members and other subject matter experts. Many more Reviews & Guides will appear in the coming weeks and months.

Any eBay member can write a product review or buying guide to appear on the site. Instructions and pointers on how to write useful reviews and guides appear on the Reviews & Guides hub which can be accessed at or from the "Reviews and Guides" link on eBay's homepage under "Specialty Sites."

Additional features will be added over time. Coming in the next few months are special icons and profile pages for reviewers and the inclusion of top reviews from,'s pioneering reviews platform.

Reviews and Guides are currently available on eBay's international websites will launch the new feature in the coming months.

Founded in 1995, eBay pioneers communities built on commerce, sustained by trust, and inspired by opportunity. eBay enables ecommerce on a local, national and international basis with an array of websites including the eBay Marketplace, PayPal, Kijiji, and that bring together millions of buyers and sellers every day.

Source: IAS

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