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Net2Auction offers eight new locations

May 20, 2005

Yesterday, Net2Auction Inc. announced 8 new locations in California for its eBay drop-off service that allows users to easily sell their goods on eBay and then by dropping them off at Net2Auction locations.

With the addition of these eight locations, the total number of Net2Auction drop-off locations has been brought to 14.

Delmar Janovec, Net2Auction president, said in a release on Monday, "Given our rapid expansion and having opened additional locations so quickly, Net2Auction is setting the stage as a leading national contender in the auction drop-off business. We are positioning ourselves to be the fastest growing company in our space in terms of opening locations at a faster rate than any other company in the marketplace.

Net2Auction is among a growing number of drop-shipping companies that cater to eBay customers, including ZDrop and AuctionDrop.

"With an opportunity to tap into what is estimated to be a $30 billion annual industry, and with the staggering number of people who can't or don't want to sell items on eBay themselves, we believe we are targeting a market with immeasurable opportunity by offering a simple five-minute eBay drop-off service," Janovec said.

Net2Auction says it provides a full-service eBay auction listing program that boasts a customer satisfaction rating that exceeds 99%. "Selling on eBay with Net2Auction is easy customers just bring valuable, yet unwanted goods into a Net2Auction drop-off location and we do all of the work," says a company statement.

"Customers can get in and out of our store in less than five minutes, and we take care of all the eBay selling tasks including product description, photos, payment processing and collection, and shipping. In exchange for providing eBay drop-off and consignment services to its customers, Net2Auction charges a service fee against the final sale price of the item," it continued.

Offering 14 eBay drop-off locations in California through partnership agreements with pack and ship retail centers, Net2Auction has a winning formula for success: we have no cost of inventory, we are undergoing rapid expansion and we reap lucrative consignment fees while making our customers money.

Net2Auction says its rapid expansion is fueled by the growing number of U.S. consumers who would like to sell their unwanted goods on eBay, but don't have the time, energy or know-how to do so. Management believes that the company is facing an unprecedented growth opportunity in what is believed to be a $30 billion annual industry.

Source: eCommerce Guide

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