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Shipwire offers reduced-rate shipping for eTailers

April 28, 2005

LOC Global announces today the launch of Already in service, Shipwire is a low-cost, full-service shipping solution for eTailers and small businesses.

From one central Web site and phone number, businesses can seamlessly ship all their envelopes, packages and freight. is a free service, with no management fees. Businesses pay only for the shipping services they need.

" is intended to give small businesses the same capability as a Wal-Mart or Dell," said Damon Schechter, CEO of LOC Global, on Tuesday. "That is, the capability to collect, process and disseminate an uninterrupted flow of shipping information. As emerging companies look for new ways to expand their markets, as well as reduce the cost of doing business, they will inevitably find that how efficiently they manage their shipping is the key to victory on the contemporary business battlefield."

Los Angeles-based claims businesses will benefit in terms of buying power, price comparison and freight capabilities from its services for several reasons. groups thousands of small businesses into a buying pool. This buying pool allows to get deep discounts from FedEx, UPS and DHL, as well as others. The company claims small businesses save up to 70 percent on shipping.

Small businesses can ship heavy/bulky items to and from more than 80 countries, while guides them through the customs process. Through its affiliation with LOC Global, says it has a global service network of more than 170 freight management, warehousing and distribution offices on six continents. also says its affiliates are protected for shipping liability claims. It provides not only damage/loss insurance, but also a money back guarantee and a price protection policy.

According to the company, businesses may insure the full-declared value of their shipments with Lloyds of London, regardless of the carrier they choose. This means that Lloyds of London insurance coverage will come first, without the carrier deciding coverage, and without a small business having to negotiate with a big carrier.

If a carrier misses's quoted delivery time (barring customs delays), businesses may request a refund or credit. For moving goods weighing more than 150 pounds, only FedEx matches's Money Back Guarantee. UPS and DHL make no guarantees. Other carriers charge a premium of 30-50 percent, says Shipwire.

For qualified shipments, businesses may request a refund or credit if they are billed more than quoted them.

When businesses need more administrative savings and in transit visibility, they can upgrade to ShipwirePro a free and instant upgrade gives a business four capabilities, which includes adding Shipwire links to a merchant's Web site, a credit line, the ability for a merchant to create "sub-accounts" for each branch of a business and more shipping options.

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