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Onelink4travel inks deal with PayPal

March 14, 2005

Onelink4travel announces it has signed client processing and referral agreements with PayPal that will allow it to offer easier payment services to consumers worldwide.

The San Francisco-based company, a provider of integrated global distribution and financial settlement services to the travel and tourism industry, said it will now offer now PayPal as a payment option to travel agencies and travel industry providers throughout the United States and Canada.

The deal to use the online payments system of PayPal, which is owned by eBay (Quote, Chart), is dubbed the first of its kind that offers non-airline travel suppliers the ability to distribute a pre-paid product through travel agents worldwide. In addition, the company said it would effect financial settlement through a single, online global distribution and financial settlement system.

"With nearly 64 million accounts in 45 countries around the world, PayPal is clearly of great appeal and value to our existing and prospective travel industry clients," Bill Guerin, chairman and CEO of Onelink4travel, said in a statement.

PayPal provides online payment services to 64 million account members around the world including online retailers, online businesses, as well as traditional offline businesses.

Onelink4travel announced its initial contract with PayPal back in August of 2004, making the global online payment service the company's primary payment method in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

"With these new agreements, Onelink4travel also expands its commitment to PayPal as its primary payment mechanism for roll-out of its services, adding the U.S. and Canadian markets to the UK and Ireland," Guerin said.

In short, the deal vastly expands Onelink4travel's reach and opens itself up to one of the largest and most lucrative travel markets in the world.

Onelink4travel was founded in 2002 as a business-to-business Internet company specializing in the travel industry.

It operates as an integrated booking and financial settlement service for non-air products and services, including hotels, rental cars, passenger rail services, cruise and ferry lines, attractions and other services.

The company said its mission is to increase the number and quality of online bookings made through global retail travel channels while improving cash flow and reducing distribution costs, ultimately resulting in lower prices for the consumer.

"We believe travel agents and travel suppliers alike will see the direct business benefits of working with both PayPal and Onelink4travel," Guerin said.

Onelink4travel's marketing efforts in support of its newly expanded PayPal relationship will begin next month, the company said.

Source: Internet News

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